Lana Genc - press




In Osor’s cathedral of Mary’s Assumption the piano player Lana Genc, former student of art class of our respectable artist Vladimir Krpan, held a concert.

At the beginning of the recital she performed two sonatas: Sonata in C- major, Hob. XVI: 50 of Joseph Haydn and XXVI. Sonata in E - flat major, op. 81a, named "Les Adieux" of Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonata of Bonn’s genius maestro, entitled "Farewells", is composed of parts with descriptive titles. So the first one marks Parting (Das Lebe-Wohl), the second Absence (Abwesenheit) and the third Return (Das Wiedersehen). The culmination of very good playing of Lana Genc, in the first part of the schedule, performance in which clear pronunciation dominated over the beauty of tone, was the Ballad in f-minor, op. 52 of Frederic Chopin in which performance I noticed very rich use of pedals. In the second part, young hope of Zagreb’s piano school performed the integral version of Portraits, op. 10 of Croatian composer Miro Belamarić. Eight "Portraits" lead us through brilliantly thoughtful and masterly written modern composition built on good old foundations of classical model for musical background, with rather closely written text, which makes the music of that piece, at this time, particularly valuable. Portraits begin with Scarlatti – Allegretto scherzoso, followed by Bach – Allegro mobile e’fos – toso, continuing with Mozart – Andantino grazioso, then Beethoven – Maestoso, senza misura, Schumann – Lentamente, con fantasia, Chopin – Allegretto sentimentale, Listz – Allegro griocoso and ending with Self-portrait – Con molto fantasia, in stretta. At the end of recital, Lana Genc with confident technique preformed the long, programmatically impressionistic composition of Maurice Ravel entitled "Gaspard de la nuit", written on the text of three poems by famous French poet Aloysius Bertrand: Ondine, Le Gibet and Scarbo. Zlatko Stahuljak