Lana Genc - press




Lots of us are considering themselves to be an elite, nobility, jet-set and similar. But there are few who act in that manner. Such rare example gave us the night before yesterday the members of newly founded Rotary Club Zagreb who, together with their friends, filled up little hall of Lisinski and bought tickets for 100 kunas. Not to listen to world famous name but young Croatian musicians for who they probably haven’t heard before.

In that way, 40 000 kunas were raised, the beginning capital of the new Rotarian scholarship fund for young people whose talents are promising in the future to contribute to a broader community in the various branches of art and science. Along with many other sponsors, Lisinski provided the hall for free for the violin player Margareta Pernar and piano player Lana Genc.
Surely encouraged by such respect for their skills, both musicians were brilliant. Margareta Pernar started the first part with virtuous Caprice no. 1 for solo violin of Pavle Dešpalj and continued, inspired and with high level performance, with Second Sonata in D-major of Sergej Prokoffiew, accompanied with more and more brilliant chamber piano player Srebrenka Poljak.
Lana Genc started the second part with Haydn’s Sonata in C-minor, continued with famous Chopin’s Nocturno in des-major, op. 27 no. 2, and evoked thrill and ovations with Listz’s "Spanish Rhapsody", brilliantly rounding truly elite evening. B. Pofuk

Jutarnji list, 2000.