Lana Genc - press


PRESS - Večernji list | 2000.


The performance of Symphonic Orchestra of HRT under the direction of Miro Belamarić was marked with two romantic scores and one with elements of patriotism in the music. Although technical preciseness and concept moderation hasn’t been at the level of the complex symphonic concert realizations, that very imperfection fit comfortably in clusters of various compositional atmospheres, mostly in Glazunov and Tschaikovskyi.

Great deal of work was taken up by gracious model figure of piano player Lana Genc, soloist in 1. concert in c-minor of Aleksander Glazunov and we have to admit that the fragility of her body didn’t in any way impair resolute emission of her tone, in which the young and doubtlessly talented artist brought the dose of sympathy as the sample of recognizable but noble Russian pathetics. Lana Genc dominated the performance with fresh ideas and exemplar reproduction that promises. B. Magdić

Večernji list, 2000.